Hovering Column

Eristalis nemorum

Eristalis_nemorum_2mn_vr_190612_1654_120HzFilm3From one to four hovering males

Merodon equestris


St_Michielsgestel_Tuin_Narcisvlieg_vr_200511_1114_Part_smallMerodon equestris (Hoverfly)
The larva of this hoverfly is living in bulbs.

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Tuin_StM_Volucella_bombylans_mnvr_090520_0945_PartVolucella bombylans (Syrphidae)

The male of this mating pair will fly away carrying the female

with its copulatory organ.



Episyrphus balteatus disturbed  landing behaviour

Episyrphus balteatus hoverflies may sometimes follow an oscillating flower. This behaviour is excited by moving the flower when the hoverfly is in the process of landing. The hoverfly is following the flower with a delay of the order of 100 ms.

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