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Female on an oscillating flower
Accurate calculation of delay
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Female on an oscillating flower

In windy conditions a male may hover above a female sitting on an oscillating flower. Oscillations with frequency between 1 and 2 Hz have been measured in this way. The male is delayed with respect to the female.

A part (track) of the filmed hovering behaviour has been analysed.  The results for movement in the horizontal direction, to be called the x-direction, are given in Fig. 1. The frequency of the oscillation is approximately 1.7 Hz and the amplitude is approximately 1.5 units. The Fast Fourier transform of  the signals does show a maximum for 1.7 Hz. 


Figure 1 :  Male following Female (horizontal direction)

From Fig. 1 it may be concluded that the male is following the female in the horizontal direction with a delay of approximately 45 ms. The amplitude of the male oscillation is slightly larger than the amplitude of the oscillation of the female.

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