The fly Anthrax anthrax (Bombyliidae)

Liempde Kasteren Groene Woud Anthrax Anthrax 110511 1611A Part

Anthrax females are shooting eggs in the nest entrance of solitary bees nesting in wood.
Anthrax egg shot anim

In this animation Anthrax is hovering near the nest entrance of a solitary bee and shooting an egg after a few seconds. More information about egg shooting by Anthrax.

This behaviour will also be found with Bombylius major, an other member of the same family.  In detail there are a few differences. Anthrax is at first inspecting the hole before shooting an egg, Bombylius major however does not inspect the hole before shooting the egg. Bombylius major may also shoot more than two eggs, sometimes even twenty,  in one hole. Anthrax only in some occasions will shoot two eggs in a hole, but mostly only one.


Anthrax is feeding on pollen in a particular way. The fly is hovering above a flower gathering pollen with its forelegs. Afterwards the pollen will be consumed as given in the animation below.


The movement of body and legs is 7.5 times retarded. In reality the wingbeat is approximately 100 Hz.





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