Exoprosopa capucina

Goirle Regte Heide Exoprosopa capucina vr 030712 1611 Part

Exoprosopa capucina is a Bombyliid fly of sandy heath. Females are found filling their sand chamber, see animation (10X retarded).


The fly is rotating over a small angle some 16 times per second.

The eggs are shot into dark holes, probably Ammophilia nests. In the animation below a second Exoprosopa is interested in the egg shot or the hole.



The female is not very critical as to the location of the shot, eggs may be shot in the shadow of the shoe of the observer as given in the animation.

Male behaviour

Males show courtship behaviour in hovering near females. In the animation given below (10X retarded) the male in the upper right corner is hovering near the female but a second male is entering from the left lower corner.





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