Thyridanthrax fenestratus (Bombyliidae)

This species is living in dry heathland where also Ammophilia wasps are capturing their prey (caterpillars). The egg shooting behaviour is analogous to the behaviour of Bombylius and Anthrax.


 Thyridanthrax is shooting eggs in a hole, probably of Ammophila.

This animation is 9 times retarded.

Animation 10X retarded.

Before shooting an egg Thyridanthrax is filling her sand chamber.

Animation 2.4 times retarded.

Male behavior

Males are waiting for females on patches of bare sand. Every now and then a male is chasing after some passing insect. Courtship behaviour has also been observed in which the male is hovering above for more than 15 seconds above a female. An animation (30X retarded) of this behavior is given here.

A male hovering above an Exoprosopa capucina has also been observed. The animation (30X retarded) is given here.

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