Megachile male rebounding from a stationary female

Megachile rebounding graph1

When the male is making contact with the female, the female may either fly away or remain stationary. When the female remains stationary the male will rebound after approximately 100 ms and then make contact again. An example of this behaviour is given in the figure above. The distance between male and female as a function of time is given in the graph below. In this case the male is making contact with the female for 100 ms and then rebounds toa distance of 1.8 units before making contact again.

Megachile rebounding graph_r_t

The results given here are simulated by the 1D model with Kr=23 before the first contact and Kr=80 after the first contact. rref=0.8 and τv = 0.04 and τ = 0.15 s. The result is given in the figure below.

Megachile rebounding graph_r_t_model

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