Megachile willughbiella males following moving females.


Megachile following graph1

In the figure given above the female is leaving the flower. The male is now starting following behaviour. The behaviour consists of two components. The direction of the body is controlled to point to the female. The body is translated to control the distance with the female. In the picture given here, the horizontal velocity of the male changes slowly.

Apart from the chasing situation the 2 D model has been applied to following too. A reasonable fit is possible. The result is given in the picture below. The parameters for gain are however multiplied by  approximately 4.5.


Parameters : Kr = 65, KrB=44, KdB=0, τv = 0.04 s,  τ = 0.15 s, τf = 0.04 s

rref=3.4 (Track 090629_1548B)


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