Andrena 2D model
The geometry of a male chasing or following a female is given here :

When the body-axis of the male is not directed to the female the rotation control will redirect the body-axis in the direction of the female. The error angle θe  should be zero. When  θe>0 the angle φ of the body-axis with the reference direction should be increased. The control expression for the desired angular velocity α is α=KrB*sin(θe). α is the input of a filter modelling the neural and mechanical delay. The filtered αfilt is the angular velocity. The angular velocity will be integrated to obtain the body direction φ. KrB is the gain for rotational control. The model with the approximation sin(θe)= θe is given in the figure below.

The block with text "Generate speed" delivers the desired speed. For Andrena the desired speed is a constant. The value of the desired speed may be changed by the Andrena male at will.
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